We can offer you the services of a trouble-shooter.

What does a trouble-shooter do? This profession is not common and in some way even unique. Who are these people and what do they do?

It is worth mentioning that trouble-shooters are not the same as crisis managers, or, say, facilitators of the 90’s. These are people with unconventional thinking that can simplify any problem and find a solution.

Usually, trouble-shooters keep their success in the dark. But there are some world-famous stories, and here is one of them.


In one of American cities, two handbooks of the same format and approximately the same content were issued every month. Users purchased both of them. Naturally, each publishing company wanted to capture the entire market. Eventually, the management of one of the companies went to the expense of inviting a trouble-shooter.


What do you think was the solution? In fact, everything of genius is simple! Having dug into the problem, the trouble-shooter suggested issuing a smaller and a thicker handbook. Now think about it. How do you put your papers and documents on the edge of the table or in the shelf? Do you remember? Everyone placed a smaller and a thicker handbook on top of a large one and used it most of the time. Realizing that they do not need a second handbook, they stopped buying it.


However, not all problems are so easily solved. We will help you look at them objectively and from a fresh perspective.




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